Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Change is Good
I recently lost about 10 inches… off my hair! For some reason I love to grow it out long and then cut it all off. It feels so great and the drastic change is so much fun.
My father always said the only difference between a rut and a grave is a lid! Change is good, it breathes new life. Change is also hard. I think of the work and stress of moving. When going through everything to pack up it feels great to get rid of old junk that we no longer need, and there is always a hidden treasure waiting to be rediscovered! We probably would have never taken the time to let go of the dead weight and unveil lost beauty if it weren’t for the move. It’s fun to reminisce, but also emotional to let go of the past and start new. But someone once told me, “where there is risk, there is reward.” That has proven true in my life time and again. Sometimes it takes a drastic move to get a whole new perspective on life. It’s easy to become so comfortable in our ways that we have no vision for anything different. Yet there might be great opportunities or self discovery just out of sight if we’d simply turn our head, go a different direction, change our environment, or simply cut all our hair off!!!

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