Monday, February 8, 2010

It’s Your Choice

When my twin girls were little babies, I used to dangle their jammies over them as they lay down on the changing table before bed. One pink pair, one yellow pair, “which do you pick?” I would ask each of them. They didn’t really care, they just had fun batting at the jammies and grabbed which ever one they could. For some reason I felt guilty always putting one in pink and the other in yellow, as if yellow was second best! So if I didn’t have 2 pink pairs, I’d let them choose and then I didn’t feel badly!! (Silly I know, it’s one of the many dilemmas of having identical twins!)

I thought of this story today as I talked to a girlfriend about the many choices we have the power to make in our lifetime. I choose how to react to the rude checker at the market. Do I smile or throw it back at her? I choose how to respond to tragic news in my life. Do I turn to God for comfort and peace, or do I sew seeds of bitterness and hate? I choose how to respond to my children when they disobey. Do I discipline them in love, or unleash on them in anger?

It’s all up to me. I have the power to choose to love instead of hate. I have the power to smile at people instead of sneer. I have the power to be grateful for all that I’m blessed with instead of picking at the few things that I’m missing. I have the power to embrace trials and grow through them instead of burying my head and complaining for months.

It’s my choice.
I choose.
It’s your choice.
What do you choose?

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  1. I know that it's no coincidence that I found your blog through Party Perfect and then spent the next half hour reading through your posts, watched you speak so eloquently and passionately about "Life on life" and then read the post above. There is a certain awesomeness about it all. Thank you for touching me so deeply today!!!



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