Thursday, February 11, 2010

Get Closer
I heard a parenting specialist say, we need to get closer and quieter. He was referring to speaking to our children. We can sit on the couch and shout orders and they rarely respond. But if we speak quieter, they need to lean in to hear. They need to get closer. Isn’t that where we want our kids anyway?

I was reminded of this today as I, the “Party Mom” for my girls’ preschool class, celebrated their Valentine’s Party. As with any group of children hopped up on pink pancakes and syrup, there was a little chaos. I tried to shout to get their attention and found my own voice adding to the noise. I began to whisper and like magic, they got quiet so that they could listen to my small voice.

We often complain that God is being silent in our lives. We pray and pray and ask and ask and get nothing in reply. It seems like He either isn’t listening or is being silent – both of which feel unacceptable! But perhaps He is not silent. Perhaps we are not listening. Perhaps He is whispering so softly as to draw us in closer, just where a Father most wants His child – close.
Lean in, get closer. Be quiet and listen. You’ll hear His small still voice. Powerful, life changing words can come in the faintest whisper.


  1. easier said than done most of the time...

  2. beautiful. simply and completely beautiful.



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