Monday, February 22, 2010

Little Update
Well, I’ve had a few busy weeks and a little departure from my “normal” blog entries. With the baby turning one, Valentine’s Day and a ton of family coming into town, I haven’t had much time! I have to share this update:
Friday I ran out to get a few last things for my son’s big birthday party on Saturday. It had been a rough week and the kids didn’t sleep well, so I averaged about 4 hours a night last week! I was tired, a bit stressed with rain forecasted and an RSVP list of 50 people for the party (all in doors if the forecast held!). All of the grandparents and Auntie were scheduled to arrive around 3pm Friday, which meant crunch time for one tired, cranky mommy! I got in the car to make my first stop at Jo Ann fabrics. As I drove my mind was cluttered with complaining, frustration, and some anger / bitterness about various things. I immediately thought of my post from Feb. 8 “It’s Your Choice.” And I pretty much said out loud in my car, “OK, I’m really tired and prideful and would much rather gripe and complain, but I’m going to choose joy and praise God.” I then started listing all the things I was thankful for. (Honestly, I really don’t do this normally. I know I should, and I’ll encourage others to, but I don’t myself!) I arrived at Jo Anns- full parking lot – and a front row spot opened up just as I drove up! I went in, grabbed all I needed, headed to the register just in time to overhear a lady say, “here are my coupons.” SHOOT, I forgot to print out my coupons! “That’s what I forgot,” I quietly said. “$87.42,” the cashier said. “Oh my gosh! What did I buy?” “Let me run some coupons for you mam. OK, that’s $62.47.” I started to cry. I told the kid he was my new best friend and left saying, this time with a genuine heart, “thank you Lord.” Next stop was to Costco – even more busy than Jo Ann’s! Just as I drove up, a front row spot opened! WHAT? I smiled and said, “thank you Lord.” My time was short so this little blessing was huge! Last stop was to the grocery store, just as I drove up, a front row spot opened up! Seriously, by this time I was just laughing! I got all I needed and as I drove home I started to cry again, thinking of the clerk at Jo Ann’s, and all the front row spaces I got that saved me so much time! I thanked God and praised him for his faithfulness. It’s amazing what can happen when we choose to praise instead of critique, bless instead of curse, smile instead of pout. I hope to get back on track this week with normal blogging and I have some fun dinner ideas to share too!


  1. I'm really enjoying your blog...your perspective and beautiful way of sharing everyday spirituality is really wonderful. I enjoy you, and loved our deep talk at the Thatcher vineyard looking out at more beauty than my eyes can possibly take in. It's wonderful to live our own stories and find others who are doing the same. xo

  2. I remember this day like it was yesterday. That "Hostess" inspired cake was delicious as were all of the Mickey Mouse decorations and Macky was just starting to walk and the crowd was going wild. How is he three??? Thanks for giving us so many beautiful memories.



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