Monday, January 11, 2016

The Recipe For A God's Girl

What are the ingredients that make up a Girl who belongs to God?
I spent the past 4 months discussing this question with my group of 4th grade girls - The God's Girls.
We gather a few times a month to challenge and equip these little girls to be who God has created them to be and to live differently as they step out bearing the title "God's Girl."
This past session was all about recipes - 
we discussed how recipes are guides that give directions to obtain a desired result,
we talked about the ingredients we must acquire to make us into girls more like Jesus,
and we made a few recipes in the kitchen for fun!

We started this series by decorating our own recipe boxes that would hold our prayer requests, notes, memory verses, and actual recipes that we would make during our time together.
The girls were over the moon!
I loved seeing their creativity and the sweet things they wanted written on their boxes.
This gathering of little girls has been a huge challenge and blessing in my life.
I know how much I greatly benefited from discipleship groups 
when I was in jr. high and high school.
But why wait until the girls are teenagers?
Why not start them early growing in their faith, relationships and accountability with other girls?
Female relationships are a treasure that the enemy is threatened by because he knows there is power when women, both young and old, come together in Jesus' name!
An area that God is calling me to be Brave in 2016 is with this ministry.
I'm scared.
I'm not sure how exactly to move forward with what God has put on my heart.
But I'm going to be Brave!
I hope to have more posts about God's Girls throughout this year!

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