Friday, January 8, 2016

Be Brave and Jump!

Happy Friday!
Each day has been a new opportunity for me to be Brave in some small way or another.
Being Brave is so much more than heroic courage that runs into a burning building to save someone!
Being Brave means setting aside the limits of self and taking the next step - maybe a jump.
We stand at the edge of a cliff, a decision, a moral crisis, a small choice.
We have to make the move to stay put, safe, and just look at what lies beneath, 
or to be Brave and jump!
Sometimes the hardest step is the first one, but after we are Brave and jump, we find that there are great rewards waiting on the other side.

This morning I'm faced with a small decision - 
to jump into a new experience where I won't know anyone and will feel uncomfortable - yet reap great rewards when it's finished,
stay home and be safe.
As much as I'd rather stay home,
I'm going to be Brave and jump!

What areas of life do you need to be Brave and just jump into?
Happy Weekend!

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