Monday, June 9, 2014

Yummy Summer: Ping Pong Balls

Welcome to my second Yummy Summer post!
I hope you'll join me each Monday for some fun Summer ideas about activities to do with your children, recipes to try, ways to relax...  and I hope you'll share your ideas too of how you're going to make this Summer extra Yummy!

 Ping Pong Balls

Something we love to do in the summer is swim!
I'm so grateful for a pool and for 3 children to love to swim! 
 Being in the pool can wipe a kid out like no other activity!

When I was planning my daughters' Splish Splash Swim Party, I was looking for new pool games and came across Ping Pong Balls as an alternative to dive toys!  How brilliant!
Throw a bunch of Ping Pong Balls in the pool and let kids swim after them!

$10 at the Dollar Story got me 2 baskets with holes and 8 packages of Ping Pong Balls
and that just might be the best $10 I'll spend this Summer!
Now that the birthday party is long over, the fun has not stopped with the Ping Pong Balls.
The children pretend that they are mermaids and the balls are 
pearls scattered in the sea that they must retrieve.
Or they all act like baby seals in the water and one child throws out balls as a "treat" when they do tricks!
They are endless fun.
I highly recommend buying some Ping Pong Balls to add to your pool fun this summer - totally Yummy!
And if you don't have a pool, wouldn't a basket of Ping Pong Balls be a fun gift to take a friend when you go to their pool?  Perfect hostess gift that will thrill the kids!

What are you doing to make this a Yummy Summer?

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