Friday, June 20, 2014

Plan B Park

Do you remember the Plan B post from a few weeks back?
I planned on photographing a friend's child at a familiar garden and when I showed up for the photo shoot, the staff at the garden told me I couldn't take photos there without a permit that takes about a week to acquire!  They suggested a nearby park instead - "Plan B Park," as I've renamed it!
Well, a few weeks later, the Plan B Park became my Plan A!

I took my tiny dancer to the Plan B Park to take photos of her in her Swan Lake costume.

Aside from putting her in a pond, it felt appropriate that a swan should be in a park!

It's funny, I wrote that sometimes our Plan B is really God's Plan A!  But when that happened to me a few weeks ago while photographing a friend's child, I had no idea that God was redirecting my path that would change my destination today.
Sometimes our Plan B is not only God's better plan for us, but it opens our eyes to a new gift that blesses us beyond the present moment.

Happy Weekend friends, and here's to living in God's Plan A for us - even if it's our Plan B or C or D!!!

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