Friday, June 6, 2014

Plan B

I had the pleasure of taking photos of a little dancer the other day.
We arranged to take the photos at a beautiful garden where I've taken photos several times.
I arrived early to sign the form I've signed before in which I agree to abide by the rules of the garden.
Well, they quickly told me I couldn't take photographs if I didn't have a reservation and fill out all the proper paper work and get approval which usually takes about a week!
The little girl was arriving in 10 minutes and I was sweating!  I did my best to beg and plead with them, saying I've taking photos here several times before and never had a problem, but they told me their policies had changed and there was no way I could take photos that day.  
They suggested we go to a nearby park.

Just then the little dancer arrived and I ran out to meet them before a staff member grabbed them.
Too late!  A staff member was already telling them we couldn't do any photographs today.
Feeling horrible, knowing I should have called ahead, I smiled and said,
 "I know where the park is, let's head over there."  

In my car on the way to the Plan B location, I was feeling so horrible and irresponsible.  I really should have called ahead.  My mind quickly went to blaming the staff and I began crafting my speech to the Mom of the little dancer why it was their fault that we couldn't take photos at the garden.
I knew I needed to own the mistake and realized that my attitude would dictate the next hour.
Was I going to complain and regret that we weren't at the garden?
Then I heard the words of my friend who once told me, "Sometimes our Plan B is really God's Plan A."
"Lord, please bless this time and let these photos be glorifying to you."
What if the park is a better location?

It was!
I'm so reluctant to be redirected in my plans.
Plan A is always best in my mind.
But what if my Plan B is really God's Plan A?
Happy Weekend!
See you Monday for a Yummy Summer post!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE This post! I am in the process of writing a post about God's answers to prayers not always being OUR desired answers.... This fits right in !! Good thoughts and great pics :)

  2. Plan B is sometimes better! You did an amazing job! I knew it would not be about the location but about you and Mia having FUN together! When I picked her up after a long day and she still needed to eat and be at rehearsal for FOUR hours! All that mattered was how overjoyed she was and that she had fun! The pictures so far look BEAUTIFUL! And forever I will remember that sometimes our plan B is really God's plan A! Xoxo



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