Wednesday, June 18, 2014


The Summer Garden has started to produce!

Who knew veggies could be so much fun!

I kinda look at our Summer garden like I look at parenting.
You start with an empty space that only holds potential.
You dream, plan and start the hard work.
Getting the space ready.
Preparing the soil.
Deciding what kind of harvest you want to reap.
Then the investment.
Investment of time.
Investment of work.
Investment of money.
Investment of energy.
Investment of care and nurture.
And then you wait.
It seems like nothing is happening for awhile.
Did I do something wrong?
Did I invest too much in the wrong things?
Not enough in the right things?
Where is the evidence of all that I've invested?
And then one day,
all of a sudden,
you see a little fruit of your labor.
Some growth, even if it is small, is totally worth all the investment!
PS - anyone know a good recipe that calls for 2 green beans?!!!

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