Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Little Girls

These little girls are my greatest source of 
fond memories and joy!
And conviction!

I'm sure I've said this before, but having twins was one of the best gifts I've ever been given.
And twin girls at that! - the greatest!
2 little girls.

These little girls daily give me flash backs to when I was a little girl.
They are like me in so many ways!
When they play with their baby dolls, I remember changing my baby dolls into jammies before I went to bed, tucking them into their blanket and putting them to sleep with a kiss.
My little girls still do the same!

From swimming, ballet, writing books, drawing, dolls, dressing up, watching me put on my make-up or cook - they remind me daily of the little girl I once was and all those fun things I too once did.
It's like a magic time machine when you have kids!  They blast you back all the time.

But these little girls also bring conviction into my life daily.
They are so much like me - not just in the fun little girl ways, but also in my ugly ways.
Seeing them daily, the things that are less than kind, constantly leave me reeling in the fact that they've learned a lot of that from me.
I know that my example to them speaks louder than any words and as I dream for the women I pray they become, I am convicted that I must first be that woman.
I'm impatient.
I'm task focused which means sometimes I forget about the people involved in the task.
I scowl.
I yell.
I'm ungrateful.
Oh I know this is nothing new - as mothers and parents we see 
the good and bad of ourselves in our children.
But I do think there is something unique about a mother daughter relationship.
I don't see my junk as much in my son.  
(He gets his stuff from his daddy!  Let's just be honest!)
Children are a gift from God - a beautiful refining tool that cuts us to the deepest parts and eradicates our ugly sin so that God can be glorified and we can become more like Him as they become more like us!

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