Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Splish Splash

Just off the heels of our Mexican vacation,
we had a little pool party to celebrate our girls' 8th birthday!

We did a little fun photo wall and as our guests arrived, they posed with the birthday girls by the water wall.
(the photos will later become our thank you cards)

I pulled some old photos of the girls in bathing suits from the time they were 5 month old!
Made me cry a little!

We made some lemon cupcakes and a 
chocolate "8" pool cake!

In the pool we did some fun relays - 
Instead of diving for things, we threw a ton of ping pong balls in the pool and the teams had to jump in, one at a time, get 1 ball and swim it to a basket at the end of the pool.  The team with the most balls in the basket won!
We also did a little noodle race!

A big SPLASH was had by all!
Whew, another birthday down in the books!
Why do they keep growing?


  1. OH my gosh!!! So cute. They are so photogenic!! I can't believe they are EIGHT!? Wow.

  2. Super fun birthday party!! I love the teddy grahams in the life saver- cool idea!

  3. I'll seriously pay you to come up with a theme and a list of everything I need to do to make it perfect. You are such an entertaining genius!



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