Friday, May 23, 2014

A Little Time Away

Remember that Chicago song,
"everybody needs a little time away.."
I know it was written about a couple needing time away from each other, but I reinterpret it to mean everybody needs a little time away... from their kids!

A few weeks ago we met my parents down in Mexico for a little time away.
It started out great when I was selected as a TSA Pre check - meaning I didn't have to strip down in security.  I didn't have to risk foot fungus and remove my shoes to walk barefooted where thousands walk barefooted each hour.  I didn't need to empty my pockets or do a funky dance in the x-ray machine!  
It was awesome!

We met up for a little fiesta with my folks and enjoyed these incredible Mexican Twinkies - a true gift from the Lord!

My daughter drew me this picture and made sure it was in my suitcase for the trip!
Each morning we walked to the "office" to get some work done, aka eat breakfast!

And then we resumed the position - lounging at the pool, gazing at the ocean!

When we got chilly at dinner, they gave us little blankets to put on our shoulders!  Brilliant!
We made it home with 6 to use on our back porch this summer.

What I wouldn't give to close my eyes and be right back there right now.
Chicago was right.
Everybody needs a little time away.
Do you have a get away on your calendar for this year?
Make it happen!

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