Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Soccer Mom

Something totally new is happening in our family.
For some of you, you've known no different.
For some of you, this has been your way of life from the start.
For me, it's all new!
Yep, we've got a little player in the house!
We're doing a Spring soccer camp, which means weekly practice and Saturday games.
Can I be totally honest?.... I never played soccer as a kid because I was afraid of the ball!
I didn't like soccer at all.
I hear of all these kids playing soccer and the parents sitting the heat, watching games on the weekends, and it all sounds horrible to me! (just being honest).
I never wanted my kids to do soccer.  
I didn't want to give up my weekends.
Well, what do you do when one of your kids, your daughter!, wants to play?
I guess the good parent thing to do would be to let her!
And what do you do when she smiles the whole time she plays?
I guess you smile too!

I don't know why I gravitate towards the activities I did as a kid and sort of steer my kids away from the stuff I didn't like too much as a kid, but I'm realizing that some things I didn't like as a kid are kinda cool now (well, cool when I'm not the one playing!)!
And you know what?  I actually look forward to going to her games on Saturday mornings!
We committed to the real deal in the Fall - 
I guess I'm going to be a Soccer Mom.
No mini-van yet though!!!

1 comment:

  1. How do you NOT have a mini-van yet?? That is a must! :)
    I love watching my oldest play soccer, but I HATE being there regardless of weather!
    They played in rain, snow, sleet... UGH! This was our first season in 4 years that
    we DIDN'T play,and I didn't miss it !!



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