Monday, October 1, 2012

Double Feature - What Does Joe Know / Make Out Monday

It’s that time of year again… time for “What Does Joe Know?”
Every week I will try a new item at Trader Joe’s and post about it on Monday. 
If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s in your area… I’m sorry! 
Really, really sorry! 
If you are a Trader Joe’s fan too, let me know what your favorite TJ’s products are!!
I’m starting small with a new little cracker I just tried for the first time.
Savory thin mini Rice Crackers
Multiseed with Soy Sauce
I had the bag ripped open before I checked out and I haven’t stopped eating them since! 
They are a delightful little salty snack. 
**WARNING** they give you horrible breath!  But worth it!
And it just happens to be Make Out Monday!

The theme for October is:
 Asian Date Night
or Dasian as my husband called it!
Buy some frozen egg rolls, chop sticks and sake and enjoy when the children go to bed!
Or head out like we did for sushi and a Chinese Foot Massage!
I'm not sure if the Chinese Foot Massage places have started to spring up in your area, but they seem to be all the rage in Southern California!  I have friends that have gone and rave about it, but I hadn't tried it... until Dasian!
It was my husband's idea and we decided we'd go inside and if we didn't feel comfortable, we'd simply say we wanted to get some info!
When we walked in I was surprised to see 2 rows of about 8 cradels with people laying in them, getting their massages!  We were greeted with smiles as the soft spa music played in the dimly lit room. 
I'm not going to lie, there was something creepy, yet inticing about it!  They had 2 cradels side by side for us, so we decided to go for it.  Yea, they're probably called massage tables, but they were low to the ground, very plush and curved up on the sides, so I affectionately named them cradels!
We started off sitting up with our feet in a tub of hot water.  As we soaked, they massaged our neck and shoulders.  I had a man and he was a little too strong for me, so I told him to be a little more gentle.  My eyes were closed and about every 10 minutes he'd whisper in my ear, "this ok?"  The first time it scared me and I jumped! 
Then we got to lay down in the cradel of love.  I kept hearing soft slaps from the other masseuers and I wondered what was going on.  Then I understood.  After my feet were massage, the guy gave me a few little slaps on my feet!  Nothing painful, but definite slaps!  I kept thinking, "why are you so angry at me?"  Well, with each area that was massaged, it ended with a little slap.  Arms done - slap, slap slap.  Legs done - slap slap!  I started laughing and shaking!
Then he said to roll over, so I was face down in the cradel and the unexpected happened - he unfastened my bra!  Oh yea, you're fully clothed for this, so he pulled up my shirt and unfastened my bra.  Then I was really cracking up!  I kept thinking, "is he going to hook that back together or leave it undone?"  Oh, sure enough, after he massaged my back, put a flaming hot towel on my back and roughly rubbed off the oil, he refastened my bra!  I had tears streaming down my face!
Then he yanked my arms around, a few more slaps, and then the butt massage began!  Nothing in appropriate, but a complete butt massage!  There was no "foot massage" about this place! 
I tried so hard to control my laughter, but I think a few snorts came out.
Of course that portion ended with a few butt slaps!
Then he once again whispered in my ear, "that ok?"  I thought, "not really!"  It was over and I looked at my husband - he was in heaven!  He had drifted off to sleep!  Seriously?  You fell asleep?  Didn't you get slapped around?  Didn't that scortching hot towel burn you?
Let's just say it was a very memorable night! 
Now it's your turn!  Are you ready for a Dasian adventure?


  1. This had me laughing out loud. We must go in November. Glad you are back. Slap slap slap.

  2. Oh my geez... I am rolling in laughter- crying- right now! HILARIOUS!!!! That is so funny!

    About Trader Joes.... I have to say I have no idea what TJ is... but those crackers look AMAZINGLY yum!!

  3. I think that you need to send out care packages filled with your Trader Joe finds to Boni and me. ;)

  4. So funny Gretchie - I actually e-mail my lovely Boni Lady and told her that I would send a care package!!! Might have to send one to TN too!!! xoxoxo

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I have got to find me one of these. Hilarious. HILARIOUS. Dying laughing right now. Tears streaming.



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