Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Glorious Mundane

The other day I was on Christy Nockels website and watched this quick video about the inspiration behind her new album.  I met Christy many years ago when she and her husband were the band Watermark and they were opening for Point of Grace on their tour.  I was working on the tour and got to spend some brief moments with these wonderful people.  I was quickly won over by Christy's amazing voice and the powerful lyrics she writes.
As I watched this video, what she shares in the first moment pierced my heart much like it did hers.
When she asked her dear friend, a mother of 9 who is also a song writer, how she manages life with 9 children, a song writing career and time with the Lord - her friend replied,
"you can invite the glorious into the mundane."

I've often thought, long before being a mother, that every aspect of my life is to be an act of worship to God.  In college I often thought that my studies were my act of worship for that season.  I now feel that serving my family and taking care of them is my act of worship.
But the everyday, repetitive, mundane tasks - they are killing me.  Monitoring homework, putting shoes away, dishes, laundry, cooking...   I sat today, staring at a sink filled with dirty dishes, laundry maching humming in the background and dinner on the stove and I looked out the window with tears in my eyes, "I can't do this anymore.  I'm tired of it."  And I remembered her words.  I quickly stopped, took off my purple dish gloves and looked out the window and invited the Glorious to come into this mundane routine that is my life.
I don't have the new album yet, Into the Glorious, but you can be sure I'm going to get it!


  1. I needed this today! Thank you for sharing. It seems like the life of a SAHM is always mundane. Clean and pick up and clean and pick up. And if I don't and I choose to sit and do nothing, then I beat myself up for being unproductive. It's the same stuff every day... day in and day out! BUT ... I love this post... Inviting in glorious into the mundane!!



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