Monday, October 29, 2012

For The Love of The Corn!

OH, for the love of the corn!~
I Interrupt What Does Joe Know?  For a little shout out to my favorite Halloween Candy!

 Many a child has stood on the dining room table, trying to take a bit of these candy corn
They are always disappointed to find out they are not real!

Major husband bonus points for purchasing the jumbo glitter corn for an
anniversary gift last year!

Favorite frame for Halloween!

Little Pumpkin Man holding a candy corn in his bucket

Candy Corn Machine - every family needs one!

Around here the candy corn grows on trees!

 How do you get your crow to go?  Dangle a candy corn in front of him!


 And I got a little thoughtful package in the mail this weekend with some fabulous
Candy Corn Earrings!
What is your favorite Halloween candy?


  1. I MAY be wrong, but you MIGHT have an addiction here! LOL... I too LOVE candy corn! Your decorations are AWESOME!

    Did you know that tomorrow is National Candy Corn Day?

  2. CANDY CORN! I love it. I will eat an entire bag in one sitting. It's evil.



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