Monday, October 8, 2012

What Does Joe Know? Give Away

So it’s been brought to my attention and my shock, that many of you do not have Trader Joe’s in your area and don’t even know what it is!  This is tragic – you must write you cityman or citywoman and petition!  Trader Joe’s is a wonderland of gourmet culinary delights from around the world.  They are a little grocery store of love where magical items seem to be less expensive and far more delicious than other markets.  Trader Joe’s carries loads of organic produce and foods with no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, has a crazy wine and cheese selection, and when you go there – everyone is laid back and happy.  Like, I want to hang out there and be friends with these people.  They’re laughing, ringing bells, handing out delicious bites of love in their sample stand and wearing Hawaiian shirts!  What more could you want?
 So, in honor of you poor folks that are void of Trader Joe’s in your life, I want to send you a care package of TJ love!  Sadly I cannot ship their frozen shrimp corndogs or rosemary assiago cheese, but there are plenty of dry goods to make you smile!

 Here’s the deal – if you do not have a Trader Joe’s in your town, leave a comment on this post and on October 22nd, I will randomly select a winner who will receive a little taste of Trader Joes!  The give away is open from October 8th – October 21st.  Leave as many comments as you’d like!  Good luck.

And now for my pick of the week - it's a 2fer
These are light, crispy snacks that scream Fall!
The apple taste is not super sweet like fake apple candy.  Oh no, it tastes like
apple sauce, but crispy!
I'm not going to lie - only 1 out of 3 of my children like them, but I'm sure
all other children will love them!  Like I do.
And another little bite of Fall - the Pumpkin Bars.
These are great snacks for kid's lunches or to grab when you're
running out the door.  The pumpkin is jut for Fall, but
during the year they have fig, apple, blueberry and strawberry.
What things do you love to buy at Trader Joe's?
Don't have a TJ?  Leave a comment and you could get a little care package of TJ love!!


  1. We don't have a trader Joes in Tremont or around us in Peoria area. I had never even heard of it!

  2. Sadly, TJs is just a fond memory for us now that we are in Chattanooga.

  3. I just discovered the pumpkin butter at TJ's. It is amazing! I put it on a cracker with a little bit of goat cheese. yum!

  4. No Trader Joe's here in my area of Maryland :( The food looks delicious though!

  5. Rae, try Toasted Coconut Cookie Thins!

  6. Tulsa, OK desperately needs a TJ's! But, in the meantime, I'll happily accept a "care package" ;)

  7. I am completely baffled... looking at the Trader Joe's website at the list of products and HOLY MOLY... they have SO MUCH stuff that I would love!!!

  8. I blogged about you today :) ... in fact, I mentioned you two times !!!

  9. We don't have a TJ, but our family from out of town sometimes brings TJ treats to share. I've loved them all!

  10. Did I mention that I hope I win?

  11. I love my local trader joes, I moved from a location without one anywhere within a drivable distance and it made me sad b/c i missed their mango peach yogurt and all the frozen indian entrees!
    mermont84 at

  12. Seriously... What made you think we would all want to "patiently" wait for the drawing? Lol... Two weeks is killing me !!!!



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