Friday, August 10, 2012

A Redeeming Love - Chapter 7

A summer romance series, chronicling my love story

The celebration for our church was amazing.  I loved seeing everyone again, enjoying the Foster estate and most of all, seeing Roger.  I was staying with girlfriends for the weekend, but Sunday night, Chris and I stayed at Roger’s house because we both had early morning flights and Roger was taking us all to the airport.  Roger owned a nice 3 bedroom home with a roommate.  Chris took the guest room so all the guys were upstairs, and I was on the couch downstairs.  We all stayed up late talking and having a great time.  As everyone retired for the night, Roger put sheets and blankets on the couch for me and then it happened.  He kissed me.
It had been 3 years of me falling in love with this man from afar and now he was kissing me.  I was 25 years old.  It was my first kiss.  I clearly remember Roger saying, “I can’t believe I’m kissing Raeanne Jones.”  I couldn’t believe it either!  It was a whole different kind of goodbye the next morning.  I was flying back to Nashville as a girlfriend, the first time I had ever held that title.
After the Point of Grace tour wrapped up, I quickly made arrangements to return to Southern California.  Some girlfriends had a spare room open and I moved right in.  I started looking for a job and found a temporary position at Shutters on the Beach, a boutique hotel in Santa Monica.  I didn’t really care that I was sleeping on a futon or working 2 floors underground (hotels don’t waste good views on offices!), I just wanted to be close to Roger and enjoy this new relationship!
The holidays were approaching and Roger and I would be traveling to Northern California to spend time with our families.  I drove 2 extra hours to Sacramento to see him and really meet his family.  I was a bit nervous.  I arrived at his parents’ lovely home and they were kind and welcoming.  I remember after dinner one evening, we were sitting around the table, about to play a game, and Roger’s father said to me, “What are your intentions with my son?”!!!  I was shocked and stuttered and stammered and then he laughed wildly and then I knew… I’d have to get him back!
Roger and I exchanged gifts before I returned to my family’s home for Christmas.  Roger was very thoughtful and creative.  He was so romantic.  His card was beautiful, his words intentional and his penmanship impeccable!  As I began to open the gift my heart stopped.  It was what every girl dreamed of… a turquoise box!  You know the one… the robin’s egg blue box with a white bow?  Yes, Tiffany’s.  And inside…  a real porcelain turquoise box.  I was in love.
I gave Roger tickets to Miss Saigon which was playing in San Francisco on December 29th, so I ensured that I’d see him again over the holidays!  It was a wonderful first Christmas together and I couldn’t be more in love.  At last, I was dating Roger Newquist.



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