Wednesday, August 29, 2012


One little handsome started pre-school last week!

I'm not really sure if the photo fairy swooped down and took this or what!
But I'm in love with this picture!
And then the fairy flew off somewhere else! 
Me: Buddy, sit on the step with your lunchbox
Mack: Mommy, the one in the photo should choose the pose
Me: You're right

And just like that, he's off.
Yesterday should have been his second day of pre-school.
Yesterday the little ladies and I were going shopping for new shoes because they start school today.
Yesterday the little dude got the stomach flu and we didn't go anywhere.
My theme for this school year is SURRENDER.
God reminded me yesterday that I'm not in control.  I need to lay down my plans and surrender.     Everything.  Everyday.
We often see the cross of Jesus as a place where we take our sin, shame, guilt, mistakes, pain, problems.  But the cross of Christ demands more than that.  It demands All Our Everything.  Our children, our marriage, our family, our plans, our dreams, our running shoes, our blog, our whole life.
Surrendering everything to Jesus means laying it all down.
All to Jesus, I surrender.
All to Him I freely give.
Happy School Year!!!



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