Thursday, August 30, 2012

Embrace The School Year

Yesterday was the little ladies' turn to start school!
First Grade


I didn't get a photo saying goodbye in the morning.  But here is an after school ice cream date to celebrate!  We all were exhausted!
PS - did you have to buy 48 glue sticks for your children's school supplies?
I did!
24 for each girl!
Found out it was a misprint on the supply list
when the teacher was mortified at the over abundance of glue yesterday!!


  1. haha! 48 glue sticks!? That's NUTS!
    They look so pretty on their first day! My little guy starts the 1st grade today...eek!

  2. Great school photos! 48 gluestics is crazy!!

  3. LOL! I hope you can take them back.

  4. beautiful girls and mama - love those colorful shots! 48 glue sticks? oh dear. i'm barely surviving my son's first day of preschool and making sure he has what he needs (as in, no supplies at all). :)

  5. Beautiful daughters and son! I hope they've enjoyed their first day.

    My daughter only enjoys kindergarden from Tue-Thu, on Monday she wants to stay home one more day and on Fridays she can't wait for the weekends :-)

    Now you have glue sticks until they get to High School :-)



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