Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Profound Truths of Pop Tarts

My husband came home the other day beaming... he bought Pop Tarts and couldn't wait to introduce them to our kids!  (From my post on Monday, you can imagine that this was a bit difficult for me!  But I myself wanted one so badly, I was excited to have the box in our house!!)
He giddily threw a couple in the toaster (I prefer mine untoasted) and couldn't wait to take them out and serve them up.  He explained how special these magical "pastry" rectangles were and how they are a right of passage for kids. 

After his sweet speech, he broke the Tarts, much like Jesus breaking the bread at the last supper, and handed them out.
Here was the reaction after the first bite!

No one liked them!  We tried to convince them to try again - who doesn't like Pop Tarts?  But it was a fail.
Slightly disappointed, we quickly recovered when we realized that that meant a whole box for us!
I guess the Pop Tarts reminded me of profound truth - Everyone is Different!
And with that, I ate my delicious frosted strawberry Pop Tart.
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Hilarious! And almost sad. They don't know what they ate missing!

  2. Thats awesome! Mine don't like them either... I just don't understand... I LOVE pop tarts!

  3. this is too funny!!! dying laughing right now!!

  4. I loved their faces! I think is funny when I try to give mine something I really liked as a child and she turns her nose at it, makes me laugh.



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