Thursday, March 8, 2012

Embrace The Moment

As I sat on the beach last week I watched a father a daughter walk out to the waves.  She looked about 13 years old, cut off sweats, UGG boots, messy hair, random t-shirt, his back was to me.  Then he turned around revealing one of the biggest cameras I've ever seen!  I quickly looked at the surf, "what is he here to capture?"  There were no surfers, no dolphins at the moment, I was confused.  When I looked back at them I noticed that he was taking pictures of her!  She was awkward and shy and for heaven's sake her outfit was horrible.  What were they doing?  They giggled and about 5 minutes later he said, "wanna go home and look at the pictures?"  She nodded and off they went, smiling and laughing.  I sat there still a little confused and then it hit me.  It wasn't about the perfect outfit or the perfect pose, it was just about a simple everyday life moment.  It was his daughter - what could be a better picture?
Just me and little dude on our way out the door to the market.  He's smiling because he knows he's about to get a doughnut!  Just an everyday moment, and it's perfect!


  1. what a sweet photo!

    I've taken up the challenge to say the Lord's Prayer as I do my daily walk. . .amazing stuff!

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm learning everyday that all those little moments add up to a wonderful life! Great post!

  3. Little life moments are the things our children's memories are built on! Beautiful moment! Wonderful picture! (I smile about doughnuts too! :) )

  4. those everday moments are the best ones to capture. love it.



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