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Grab a blanket and a cup of tea, this is going to be a long one!
But I’m so excited about it, so please read on!!
I’ve always loved to be on stage, I cannot lie! From dance recitals to musicals – I’ve loved to perform. When I was in college, I had to give a persuasive speech for a public speaking class. I remember that my professor was Jewish. I remember that a few students in my class were friends of mine that I knew did not share my beliefs. And I knew that my topic was to be Jesus. A persuasive speech about Jesus – trying to woo the students and professor to enter into a relationship with the only person who would radically change their lives and give them purpose, significance, healing, rest and peace. I don’t remember exactly what I said. I don’t have any idea what comments were given. I don’t know what grade I got. I only know that Cody spoke to me afterwards and wanted to talk more about Jesus with me. It was that very moment that I knew God had given me a voice to speak of his truth and in a way, persuade others to follow him. Not persuade in the sense of trick or manipulate, but persuade by telling the truth – the rich, unconditional, loving, miraculous, all inclusive truth of Jesus Christ.

I remember my first night of college ministry as the Director of University Ministries at Malibu Presbyterian Church. Over 300 students gathered on that Tuesday night and I decided that if the students were going to be hearing from me every Tuesday night, it was important that they knew where I was coming from, and knew that I believed everything I would be sharing over the next year. I got up and shared my testimony. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt more alive. At the end of the evening, a freshman came up to me, her name was Millie. She said that as she listened to my testimony, it was like I was telling her story. She went on to tell me about her life, her family, her fears, her confusion, and said that she wanted to make Jesus Lord of her life. In the office of the church, we prayed together and her life was changed. As I drove back to my apartment that night, around 1am, I clearly felt God say that it wasn’t always going to be like that. I wouldn’t always see results to my speaking. I wouldn’t always know if what I was saying was making a difference. But I wasn’t called to success, I was called to obedience. My job was to be obedient to speak the truth of Jesus Christ and God would do what only He can do – change lives. Thus began a deep love and passion for speaking and teaching about Jesus.

Over the course of the next 6 years, in addition to speaking weekly at UM, I had the opportunity to speak to 2,500 college students at Pepperdine’s convocation, women’s retreats, high school retreats, university retreats, and church services.  After leaving college ministry and getting married, I took a break. Our twin girls came along a year and a half into our marriage, so my speaking opportunities shifted to baby talk, singing nursery rhymes, and saying silly poems. After I got into a routine with the girls and caught my breath, a few opportunities to speak drifted my way. I was blessed to return to the college ministries I had worked with to speak at their retreats. I also was asked to share in some young adult groups. But, with the babies, my exposure was mostly with moms. I then began to teach a group of young mothers and enjoyed the fact that the gospel knows no age or life stage limits! It covers all seasons and walks of life!

At the beginning of this year I sat at the beach and read Joshua. As I did, I knew God gave me a challenge for this year – Be strong and courageous. Little did I know that the very next month I’d have to be extremely strong and courageous as I walked into my ultrasound to find that there was no longer a heart beat for our fourth child. I’ve had to be strong and courageous this year to protect my children, send them off to school, and stand up for them. I’ve had to be strong and courageous becoming a single mother 3-4 days a week as my husband’s work schedule radically changed. There have been some big things and there have been some little things that I’ve faced, but all have required me to be strong and courageous.
Today is no different.

For the past 6 months I’ve felt a strong calling to speak and teach. My excuses have been, “where?”, “How? I have 3 small children?”, “Who?”, “How do I begin?” My insecurities and fears have gotten the best of me and so I’ve sat quietly and struggled with my passion, my calling, and my doubts. At a conference I attended in August, a speaker was talking about doing what you love and living into your passion. He said stop obsessing over all the things you need to start, and use what you have. I immediately thought of this blog! He said, take small steps with what you have in hand, and bring people along. Last week I e-mailed 6 people who have been very instrumental in my life and ministry and asked them to pray with me about this journey I’m about to embark upon. Their responses only affirmed what I felt God was calling me to.

So, with what I have in hand, I’m taking a step towards my passion and calling and putting a new tab at the top of my blog called “Speaking.” Sounds little and simple, but for me, it’s huge! This has been an uncomfortable process (you can read more about it here and here) – self promotion isn’t my favorite! But if I didn’t feel so passionate and convicted of what I am to do, I wouldn’t do it.

Take a moment and click “Speaking” at the top of my blog.

A good friend said to me once, “how can anyone call you if they don’t know your number?” Meaning, how could I expect people to know that I desire to speak at their retreat or conference if I never tell them?!
So, I would love for you to prayerfully consider me speaking at your next women’s retreat,
conference, or ministry event. 
I'm stepping out in faith with what I have and I'm going to pursue my passion!

I will be updating my “Speaking” tab regularly with new clips of me speaking and other information.
AND….. I didn’t forget!! The winner of the Advent Devotional is
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  1. That is so awesome! I am behind you, praying for you! God will bless so many people through you- you are already such a blessing here in the wonderful world of Blog! Excited with and for you!!

  2. Perfect! In all the times you spoke at M&O, while I listened and learned, I thought "gosh, she's REALLY good at this AND knows her stuff!" I never knew your history, what you did before we met. So it makes me so happy to hear you step towards following your passion!

  3. SO SO Awesome. And SO excited for you :)



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