Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Accurate View

A dear friend of mine came for a quick visit from Seattle a few days ago. She is one of my most favorite people in the world and someone that I feel like I can be 100% myself with. That’s why I knew she was the perfect person to ask to help me. I’ve needed to do something that I’ve been dreading. I’ve known for some time that God has put a strong calling on my life regarding one of my gifts, but I’ve been paralyzed with – how? When? Where? Who? The answers have been clear, but I don’t like the answers! So I’ve been stagnant, avoiding, and busy with other things. Until now. (much more to come on this)  I can’t be disobedient any longer and that’s why I needed Becky to help me. I’ve been asked to speak to a group of moms and they’ve asked for a bio and photo of me – AHHHH my worst nightmare! I need someone to take photos of me!
I'm so scared of this photo shoot...
and wild animals that might attack me
Can I say how painfully awkward this was? Thank God for Becky and her casual nature that didn’t make fun of my awkwardness (at least not that much!).

Becky said a jumping picture is all the rage right now
I disagree
And one thing I’ve learned through this little photo shoot experience – I’d much rather be up in front of thousands of people, telling them about the love of Jesus, than be the subject of a photo shoot!

you're laughing at me
aren't you?
it's ok, me too
In my mind I look a lot differently that I really do! I don’t picture myself with freckles! And if you’ve seen me, you know that I’m COVERED with freckles! But not in my mind’s eye. I don’t really have an accurate view of myself physically. It’s not until I see photos of me that I think, “Oh, that’s what I look like? Really?” The same goes for our heart. If we don’t take the time to really take an honest look at our heart, we might have a completely inaccurate view of who we are. There might be sin that we justify or explain away or deny. There might be hidden longings that we’ve suppressed. There might be gifts that have been lying dormant. Maybe it’s time we take an honest photo of our hearts and look carefully at it. Through seeing the truth of who we really are, we might be greatly surprised! Some of our self images are horrible and God is whispering, ‘You are fearfully and wonderfully made. My workmanship. My masterpiece.”
there's no turning back now
it's time to be obedient
Stay tuned, more of this journey is yet to come.


  1. Loved this post. I do the same thing with photographs...haha! (I'm also covered with freckles.......) I love your jacket in these photos. =) You have great style! I enjoy reading your blog and I realize I should probably comment more. =/ Enjoy your week!

  2. Umm yeah - me too with the freckles and the love of your jacket :)

  3. The first thing I did was scroll down to make sure my jumping picture didn't make an appearance. You're too good to me, Rae. :)

  4. I always make strange faces for photos, cuz it is hard to be real & normal for the camera.
    I love your photo shoot. And, your freckles? Gorgeous. I love 'em. Really. You are so pretty. I think that every photo I see of you!



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