Monday, October 10, 2011

10 on 10 October

This is a little "day in the life."  I'm linking up with 10 on 10, a little project to take a photo every hour, for 10 hours, on the 10th of the month!  Enjoy a little glimpse into our day!

1.  morning shimmy sham for the little guy
2.  daddy bear just getting home from work - a 15 hour shift through the night
3.  arrived at church for my favorite class
4.  this class to be exact!  24/7 Family that kicks my buns every week
(this is my 3rd year taking the class - it's that good!)
5.  picked up the little ladies for lunch at the park with friends
(Elmo joined us!)
6.  playing in the park after lunch
7.  am I really showing you this?  yes, I am! 
every other Monday my favorite person in the world visits - Miss Ana. 
She cleans our house, loves our children and is my secret lover!! 
this is a yummy pile of dirt from our floors!
8.  quick run to the market
9.  big pot of meatballs and sauce
10.  getting ready to dine outside with the neighbors!
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  1. #7- Laugh out loud. And that is why I like reading you. You keep it real lady.

    Also, I love that you dined outside. Those meatballs look delish. I'm hungry now.


  2. ah man..oh geez! after last month, i was DETERMINED to remember this for October! I forgot :( hopefully i will remember 10 on 10 in November! maybe i'll mark it on my calendar so i don't forget! great pics!

  3. seven may be the best 10 on 10 shot ever!! gotta love it!!



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