Thursday, October 20, 2011

Embrace The Farm

I took the little dude on a date yesterday to the farm. 
He is madly in love with tractors, so he was in hog heaven!

 This kid is one of the jolliest kids I know.  He smiles all the time!  But not when he's driving tractors - he was very serious.
 Here is kind of a smile, but he would not look at me to save his life.
 Gazing out over his fields
 Testing the crop
 Oh, he looked at me! 

 Slight smirk because I promised him a candy corn if he took a photo with me!
 Checking on the chickens
Old crusty farmer growling at Moma!
We actually had a wonderful time - eventhough he didn't let on for the photos!

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  1. He is a GORGEOUS child!
    My boys would go nuts for that tractor.

    Visiting you from embrace the camera

    Bethany @



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