Thursday, October 27, 2011

Embrace The Vicious Dog!

As I've been talking about all week - my good friend Becky swung into town for about 36 hours and we packed it in!  No great visit would be complete without some great hot dogs.
We tried a new place in North Hollywood called Vicious Hot Dogs
 The Slaw Dog
 Carne Asada Dog
Some magical kielbasa that my husband got!
It was SOOOOOOO good!  We'll be back!


  1. LOOKS super yummy! Love time spent with old friends!

  2. Um, I want that carne asada dog... I don't know what that is per se, but it looks delish!

  3. HOLY YUMMINESS!! Is that guacamole?!? visiting from #embracethecamera

  4. Linking up from ETC. Great photos. I especially love the last shot! Here's an interesting fact about me ... you could NOT pay me to eat one of those dogs. I'm not a {hot} dog fan :) Give me a real dog - as in four legs and a tail - and I'm one happy girl!!



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