Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm Grateful

Yesterday was the day of the Kindergarten Thanksgiving Play!

It was so amazing and although some parent removed my sweater from the seat I saved and threw it on the floor to take my seat, I was grateful that I got an extreme side view of my precious girls as Native Americans!

As I sat on the floor, practically behind the stage, I made a quick decision to just enjoy the play and not be bitter about not being front and center. And trust me, it was a decision – it did not come naturally!

Earlier this year I was doing Grateful Heart Friday posts every Friday to cultivate a grateful heart in myself. I don’t believe that gratitude comes naturally, but rather is something that we need to practice. I’d taken a hiatus from my GHF posts, but was reminded yesterday again that gratitude is a choice. I didn’t get the perfect photos that I dreamed of. I barely could see my girls say their poems. But I was so grateful that I was there! I’m grateful for precious littles. I’m grateful for their teachers who put together such a wonderful performance with the children with obvious care and thoughtfulness. I’m grateful for those pilgrims who took a leap of faith and trusted their hearts to pursue freedom in worship.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

*I’ll see you back here Friday as I share how I, like the pilgrims,
am taking a step of faith to pursue what God is calling me to!
And I’ll announce the winner of the Advent Devotional.
If you want to still enter to win, click here and leave a comment at the end of the post.


  1. Absolutely agree... gratitude is a issue of mind over matter. It's CHOOSING to be grateful in the midst of a situation where you wouldn't normally be grateful... where first instinct is to whine! I once heard a sermon titled "Don't ask WHY ask WHAT"... basically, when first instinct is to say "oh why me??" turn your words around and ask "what can I learn from this... what can God do with this situation to turn it around for good?"

    It's all about making a decision in your mind to CHOOSE the good in every situation. Even in the hardest times, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for... sometimes you just have to dig deeper to find the good!

    LOVE your GHF posts!

  2. I love your pictures & your daughters look so cute in their outfits! Happy Thanksgiving!



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