Monday, November 7, 2011

Intentional Family - Tough Calling - Part 1

Another session at the Global Leadership Summit that really spoke deeply to my heart was entitled, “Tough Callings.” They talked about how it is easy to glamorize leadership – we gravitate towards leadership opportunities that forecast success, fame, financial security – it’s easy to get hooked on the narcotic of success.

      I thought about this in regards to being a mom. We all want success as a parent and it wouldn’t hurt to have a little recognition for it! It’s easy to glamorize our life as a mother and always highlight how fantastic life is and how great our kids are. The pursuit of perfection can become a drug and before we know it we’re comparing ourselves to others, killing ourselves to do more than humanly possible, and chasing idols that pull us away from both our family and God.
      It’s a tough calling to be a Godly mother that seeks to please God alone and not the other moms at school or church. It’s a tough calling to be a mother of challenging children. It’s a tough calling to be a mother of special needs children. It’s a tough calling to be a mother.
      But I believe this is because the role of a mother is so powerful and her influence stretches far beyond her own children. The enemy knows the power of a mother and he wants to do all he can to thwart us and in so doing, injur our children and their future potential.
      As mothers, we must be intentional with our relationship with Jesus and seek his protection against the enemy everyday. We must be keenly aware of our own weaknesses and put on God’s armor to protect these weak areas.

      The desire to be a fabulous mother must come from a deep, genuine desire to please God – no one else. The longing to “get it right” must come from a deep place of humility, knowing that it is only by the power of God within you that you can do anything.
      Stay encouraged mom! Whether your tough calling as a mother is to stretching circumstances with your children or if it is the struggle of your own pride and selfishness – this thing called motherhood is a beautiful tool to refine us and make us more like Jesus. Don’t get caught up in the addiction to success – get caught up in Jesus and His power at work within you.

Take time this week to be honest with yourself and admit what areas of being a mother are toughest for you. Ask God to strengthen you in these areas, protect you in these areas and provide guidance in these areas.

How have you been intentional with your family’s spiritual development lately?


  1. Love the pictures. For me, the hardest part of being mom is focusing on them and not getting "irritated" when they distract me from what I am doing. Sometimes I feel like I get too easily aggravated with them... Pray with me for more patience in this area! :)

  2. yes yes yes, I will pray for all of us in that area!!



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