Friday, November 18, 2011


I attend a women’s Bible study on Thursday mornings and yesterday a woman in our small group shared a word of encouragement that was completely off topic from our study, but she felt like she had something to say. She said God’s mercies are new EVERYDAY. We need to give ourselves grace as moms. His mercies are new EVERY MORNING. It’s new, it doesn’t need to be the same as it was. Today is new. EVERYDAY is new.

I’ve always loved how God makes all things new in us when we choose to follow him. I also love how he makes all things new when he forgives us. This topic gets me fired up because I love the restoration, healing and redemption of Christ. But when she kept saying that EVERYDAY God’s mercies are new for us – it really struck me in a new way. That very morning, as I brushed me teeth, I asked God to make me joyful and smile. I’ve felt like I lost my joy awhile back and whereas I have glimpses of it, for the most part I feel like I’ve lost my smile. There is no real reason, which makes it all the more frustrating. The joy of the Lord is my strength – give me your joy Lord! It’s almost like I’ve type cast myself as a joyless mom and I’m secretly carrying that title. But when she said that His mercies are new EVERY MORNING, it really struck me. The lack of smiles I had yesterday doesn’t carry over into today – today is NEW. I can start again. I can be different today. My mistakes yesterday don’t carry over into today. Today is new. I don’t know – but this really hit me in regards to my guilt for not being a very joy filled mom. I realized that just because I lacked joy yesterday doesn’t mean that my new permanent identity is “Joyless Mother”! EVERY MORNING is new. Ahhhh, I needed to hear that.

*I’m really excited about Monday to kick off 5 weeks of Intentional Family Traditions! And I have a great book to give away to boost your family holidays this year.
See you Monday

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  1. I love this post! So true and so refreshing! Thank you for reminding me that everyday is a new day in His joy! :)



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