Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A New Season

Last weekend I got a dreamy invitation to spend 3 days in the mountains with 5 phenomenal women.  I was so honored to be included in this get-away!  When we arrived at the cabin, it couldn’t have been more perfect – cold, crisp air, and snow falling onto the beautiful log cabin.  This little tree out the front door caught my eye.  It wasn’t hard to miss because it was brilliant red!  But what stood out to me most of all was the snow atop the bright red leaves.  A tree stuck in 2 seasons!  The changes that fall brought were still evident as the early winter snow fell, only slightly changing the bright red color to pink.  I thought about how in life, sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to a season and embrace a new one.  The past is familiar, comfortable, easy.  The future is unknown, daunting, and a challenge.  But we cannot fully embrace a new season of life until we step out of the season we’re in.  We cannot receive the blessings God has waiting for us in a new season  if we still have a foot in a past season.  We must say good bye and leave an old season behind, fully embracing the change that is inevitably occurring.

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