Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Wrap Up

Last night I flew back home with the children.
We spent Easter and most of their Spring Break up in Northern California
with Grammie and Papa, where I grew up.
It was so nice that on Easter, ALL of my in-laws came to my parents' home for supper.
It's really special to have the whole family together. 
I'm blessed to have really lovely in-laws!
One little dude was done with photos and just wanted to get on with the egg hunt!
Our favorite Auntie came!
And our favorite Uncle Kenny was there too!
(Happy Birthday today brother!  I love you!)
Then finally, onto the egg hunt!
There's one!
Run for it!
Great Uncle Jim came to share some tickles and fun!
And after dinner the Easter Olympics began!
Everyone was down in the yard playing all sorts of games. 
 It was a perfect Spring day after a full night of rain.
We played a little Corn Hole!  Do you know about this game?
We're in love with the name and the game!

Shuffle Board - where little dude incorporated his own "shuffle"!
Granny and Papa watched and cheered everyone on!
And Ladder Toss!
Every time I go up North, I wish we all lived up there, closer to family.
I'm grateful that we're only a 5 hour drive or 50 minute plane ride away, but still I dream of calling my mom at 4pm and asking her and my dad to come for dinner that night!
April is a big birthday month for our family.  Today is my brother's birthday!  Followed by my husband, my mother in law and my girls! 
 It will be a full month of celebrating those that we love most!
Our celebrations will begin Monday with a little trip to Mexico to celebrate some major birthdays coming later this year - 40th & 70th (one is mine, can you guess which?!!)
So blogging will continue to be spotty for a few weeks as relaxing on the beach in Cabo begins and party planning takes over!  But  I'll be back on track in May with many updates, recipes, and thoughts on this beautiful life that is almost 40 years old!
Enjoy your family this weekend!  No matter how close or far you live from them - they are always just a phone call away!!


  1. So glad your family had a great vacation with your families & I love your pictures! You should be a professional Photographer. Have fun in Mexico!!! I can't wait to see what the girls birthday theme is for this year.
    Alisa Biggs

  2. What a great post! Loved reading all about your family & seeing the great pictures! Hope you have a fantastic and relaxing vacation!!



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