Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Today my baby girls turn 7!
When we finally got to bring them home from the hospital, it was a like a dream come true for me.
They were my little dolls and I would dress them up, several times a day, and take hundreds of pictures of them!
They were so tiny.
I truly loved every moment of newborn land!  Even the 1am feedings were exciting and new.
I can honestly say that it was the most magical season of my life thus far.
Many things have remained the same.
Like dressing them up and taking hundreds of photos!
But many things have changed as well!
 Now photo shoots require bribes!

Being woken up at 1am isn't that great!

And just the other day I was telling my mother that if someone would have told me that being a mother was so stressful, I'm not sure I would have done it!
Why doesn't anyone tell you how hard it is?!
These tiny, beautiful babies that are now 7 year olds have challenged me,
pushed me to my limits, brought out some ugly characteristics that I never knew I had, and forced me to be present in every moment of life.
What I say, what I do, how I react in the moment - they are watching it all and reflecting it right back to me.
Oh, I never knew how truly selfish I was until I became a mother!
They are quick to forgive me as I fail time and again.
"It's ok Mommy."
They extend unconditional love after I've lost my temper.
"I want you to hold my hand Mommy, because I love you."
They remind me that my worth is not found in perfection, but in truth.
"You are the best Mommy I could ever have."
Being a Mommy for the past 7 years has been extremely difficult.
But I can confidently say that God has used 2 of His most precious refining tools in my life to reshape me and make me more into who He wants me to be.
I have a long way to go. 
 But I'm thankful that these precious refining tools will be my companions as long as I live and I will continue to grow and change as God uses them to make me more into His image.
Happy Birthday baby girls!
You are just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside.
You both are uniquely gifted to make a difference in this world, starting with me and my world!
You will always be my tiny dolls and are still the best gift I've ever been given.
 I will always love you both so very much.


  1. Happy Happy birthday, Sweet Princesses! You are GORGEOUS little ladies!

    Happy BIRTH-day, Raeanne!!

  2. Happy birthday to those beautiful little ladies. I wish I was there to hug them.

  3. They are just gorgeous little ladies!! I am thankful you had them so that we can reap the benefits of your lessons learned! Happy birthday girls!

  4. Happy Birthday to your sweet girls! Agreed, that they teach and grow us so much more than we teach them.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Girls! Hope u had a great day!



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