Friday, April 19, 2013


A couple of weeks ago we stumbled upon this field of precious, tiny, white flowers.
The girls stopped and picked some flowers where trying not to step on any was next to impossible!  They put some flowers in their hair, rolled around in the bed of flowers,
and didn't want to leave their enchanting presence.

It truly was beautiful and magical!
I was a little apprehensive at first, encouraging them not to step on them and telling them to be careful.  But that was silly!  There was no way they could fully embrace this beautiful gift without being right in the middle of it, even if that meant stepping on a few.  They didn't care about the ones that they stepped on as much as they were focused on enjoying them, picking them,
 and appreciating them.
In a season of blessing, it's easy to be cautious and not fully receive all that is being offered.  Sometimes as adults we think too much and are hesitant to embrace life's blessing for all sorts of crazy reasons.  We feel guilty that others that might be hurting while we are celebrating.  We fear that just after this blessing something bad will happen to take it away.  We feel that we don't deserve it.  We are embarrassed!  Yep, embarrassed!  Sounds crazy but don't you know people who feel embarrassed when good things happen to them and God blesses them?  I do. 
Whatever the reason, it's not what the Giver of Blessings desires for us.

He wants us to fully receive, embrace, roll around in the blessings of life.  It's His way of showing His love for us.  It's His way of encouraging us in the midst of tough circumstances. 
And once you fully receive the blessings of life, it's your honor to bless someone else!
Have a great weekend being blessed - don't be afraid!


  1. Once upon a time, a family friend offered us help (when my parents divorced). I told her that my mom probably wouldn't accept her help. Her reply has stuck in my head for almost 20 years! She said, "In blessing you, I am blessed, but you saying no, is you saying you don't want me to be blessed! Are you denying ME a blessing?"

    Love your post today... Be blessed my friend!

  2. I love this post Raeanne..and what I love most is it sounds like you're in a good place. I also am in that place of feeling like after many heavy trials, I'm just plain feeling happy. And yet at the same time a very close friend is struggling so much and it feels wrong to feel happy. I know this life is hard, but I know we were built to do hard things. Thanks for sharing and what a beautiful field of flowers as a gorgeous backdrop for such pretty pictures. I'm glad you let them run and play through it!



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