Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Run Away

Yesterday my son ran his first Jog-a-Thon.

Have you had moments as a mom when a lump in your throat has appeared at the most unlikely time? Emotion takes over and you can barely hold it together before a slight snort creeps out in your effort to fight the tears?
That was me yesterday at the Jog-a-Thon!
What the heck?
I could understand almost crying if it were me who had to run!
But my little man was so excited to run and had been talking about it for days!

Look at that form!!! He was a machine and ran about 13 laps! And when it was over, he asked, "can I run again?" and then he proceeded to run a few laps with the next class!

This little kid brings so much joy to my life.
No wonder I always feel like I'm going to cry!
Happy Wednesday!!!

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