Friday, March 15, 2013

Playing Hooky

Did you every play hooky in school?
I didn't.
As a child I was pretty loyal to rules!  (some of you aren't surprised by this!)
We woke up Sunday morning an hour "late" thanks to the time change and instead of going to the second service of church, we decided to play hooky and go on an adventure.
It wasn't my idea.
And I wasn't totally in at first.
We also meet with our small group on Sunday afternoons, and an adventure would mean we'd skip that too.
My moral and loyal compass said don't do it.
But one thing I've been trying to focus on is "family first" and when my husband said,
 "I feel like we need this day as a family," I was in.
So we loaded up and drove up to Solvang which is a random Scandinavian town north of Santa Barbara.  Everything is so green right now - it's like we're in Ireland!
It's filled with restaurants and loads of souvenir shops and lots of bakeries!
We told the children we were going on a culinary tour of Solvang!
Our culinary delights included:
German Soft Pretzel
Sausages, Sour Kraut, Potato Pancakes & Swedish Meatballs
Swedish Butter Cookies
Then we walked around the mission and took a few photos.
I'm in love with this pretty girl's fangs!
And who thinks she's a super model?
Little dude had to be bribed with a jelly bean to smile for me!
We enjoyed running through the fields of green!
And then headed back home.
It was a glorious day!
And my husband was right, we really needed that day as a family playing hooky from our usual Sunday routine.
Have a great weekend and don't be afraid to play hooky every now and then!

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