Friday, April 27, 2012

Grateful Heart Friday

I’m bringin’ back an oldie but a goodie today – Grateful Heart Friday!  It’s been awhile, but I truly believe that a content heart is a grateful heart, so…
I’m grateful for my rock star neighbor that watched my son 2 mornings in a row (last minute!) so I could help out at the school.  I’m grateful for Chelsea Cameron and her challenging wisdom that she shared with me for the past 22 weeks in her class.  I am a better wife and mother because of her.  I’m thankful for sweet friends who made my daughter’s birthday so special with cards, phone calls and homemade gifts.  I’m thankful for uninterrupted nights of sleep!  Praisealujia!  I’m grateful for crazy rain and Midwest-like stormy weather.  I’m grateful that there is no rain in the forecast for my girls’ birthday party tomorrow!  I’m grateful for the 2 moms that skipped out of our Bible study lecture with me yesterday to just sit and share life together.  I’m grateful for all the prayer support for my husband and his interview on Wednesday – still praying he gets the new position at work to restore some kind of normalcy to our family!  I’m grateful for a God who loves me deeply, specifically and intimately.  I’m thankful that He crafted a detailed, specific plan to rescue me from my sin.  I’m grateful that I am not a slave to fear or the lies of this world.  Most of all I’m grateful for unconditional love and forgiveness.

Happy Weekend!
Monday I’ll post my final post for the New Life series

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  1. I loved reading these posts before. Even when you put it on the shelf for awhile I kept doing my own GHF most Fridays. I found it to help the week ahead go much better when I toke a moment to say thank you and be grateful. Thank You for this. :)



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