Monday, April 23, 2012


On our way to church yesterday my daughter asked me,
“Do Jewish people go to church?” 
“No,” I said. 
My other daughter said to her, “They don’t believe in God.”
 “Yes they do,” I said.  “In fact, they believe in the same God that we do.” 
“Then why don’t they go to church?” she asked. 
“Because they don’t believe in Jesus as the messiah,” I fumbled. 
“Oh, I’m going to ask our Jewish friends why they don’t think Jesus is the messiah.”
Part of me wanted to say, “no, don’t do that.”  I get kind of nervous about their innocent questions and what they might say to other children at school.  We go to a public school with a lot of Jewish families and I keep waiting for a parent to talk to me about my evangelistic daughters!  They are so excited about their little faiths right now and love going to Sunday school.  They love the worship songs, Bible lessons and they love memorizing verses.  They just don’t understand why everyone doesn’t go to church and love Jesus like they do.  I love that they haven’t a clue how hostile the world is toward Jesus and those who follow Him.  I love that they are unashamed, for why wouldn’t they be?, about loving Jesus and wanting everyone to love Him too.
Last night as I was putting them to bed, my daughter asked, “Why don’t Jewish people believe that Jesus is the Messiah?  I mean if Jesus made them, why don’t they believe in Him?”  I told her that God gives us the freedom to believe in Him or not, He doesn’t force us, and some people choose not to believe.  Once again she said, “I’m going to ask our friends why they don’t believe in Jesus.”
Those little Jesus Lovers turn 6 today! 
Lord I pray that the faith of these little girls would continue to grow and deepen throughout their lives.  I pray that they always burn with a passion to tell others about your freedom, forgiveness and the abundant life that you offer everyone.  I pray that they continue to ask questions and turn to you and your word for the answers.  I pray that they always love going to worship you with a community of believers who know you are the true Messiah.  Holy God, protect them for the lies of the world that laugh at you and quiet our voice to speak your truth.  Make them bold to proclaim your truth fearlessly.  Bless them in this new year of life and may they know what it means to be completely loved by the God that made them with unique gifts and purpose.

Happy Birthday Emmie & Georgie! 
You continue to be the best gift I’ve ever been given!
*photos by the fabulous Joy Young

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