Thursday, April 26, 2012

Embrace The Birthdays

I really do love the Embrace The Camera challenge! 
(For more details, go here)
As my girls 6th birthday party is approaching this Saturday, I decided to look back at their past 5 birthdays and see if there were any photos of me with the birthday girls.
The girls' Polka Dot 1st Birthday
Sadly, I see that in the early years, there really aren't.  I'm always the one taking the pictures!
The girls' Noah's Ark 2nd Birthday (one little lady was sick)
The girls' Ladybug Luncheon 3rd Birthday
The girls' Pink Pig Red Butterfly 4th Birthday
I only seem to be in the cake photos! 
Last year, thanks to Emily challenging me to get in photos with my kids, I got a good picture of me with my birthday girls!
The girls' Fairy Garden 5th Birthday Party
You can bet I'll be in some photos this Saturday!!


  1. Great embrace pics, Mommy Girl!! Happy birthday to two beautiful ladies!

  2. what amazing parties and cakes! so fun!

  3. Love the progression of pics, but the last one is the best, you all look fabulous!!

  4. that is such a special photo to have every year of their life. you should make a little book of just that one pic each year!

  5. This is the 3rd twin page I've clicked on! I love seeing how kids grow older all in one post. Fun!



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