Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Plan B

I have a sweet girlfriend who jokes that her life is filled with Plan B’s! Her initial plans don’t seem to work out and she is always forced to go with an alternate plan, or Plan B. I laughed as I told her, "perhaps your Plan B is really God’s Plan A."

Plan A was to hike up a hill and have a picnic on top.

Plan B was to have a surprise picnic for Grammie and Papa in the backyard.
Plan B was by far the best!
Are you up for a Plan B today?


  1. that sounds like a wonderful God plan A... and what a great way to look at it.

  2. I have seen someone in Chattanooga wearing a scarf that looks a lot like the one you mother is wearing. Such a "big city" look for this small town.



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