Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Last night I had to say goodbye to one of my very best friends. (Just one of those blocks in my life that has crashed down and is now scattered upon the floor!)  I don’t think it will really hit me for a few days or weeks – until I want to see her and her adorable family and I can’t because they now live so far away. God has called them to a new adventure in Tennessee. Looks like God is calling me to a new adventure without her by my side – at least not physically by my side! I’m grateful that she is a prayer warrior and constant support to me and my family and although she will be far away,
I know our friendship will only grow stronger.
I gave her a little goodbye gift. I told her it was only for her and to be placed somewhere that mostly she will see it – like her vanity or the laundry room! It’s a photo I took of several women laying hands on her, praying over her a few months back. I want her to know that she will always be covered in prayer.
Isn’t that one of the best things about the body of Christ? We are knit together by the power of prayer and we can intercede for one another anytime!
I will deeply miss my Gretchie!
But I’m hoping to rack up some serious miles flying out to visit!!

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