Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 on 10 January

1.  kids with the iTouch, buying me one more hour of quiet in the morning
2.  Magical Daddy that made Mickey Mouse pancakes before school
3.  Moma finally getting her cinnamon roll
4.  little Dude in the car, strumming his "guitar" to the tunes
5.  my men in Home Depot
6.  Lunch break
7.  my little lady at recess
8.  the project I helped the kindergartners with during my volunteer time
9.  the new Real Simple magazine that an anonymous person subscribed me to!
(I love you whoever you are!)
10.  the color we're thinking about painting the play room - any thoughts?!
ten on ten button


  1. That cinnamon but looks yummy!

  2. love the play room color! and...i'm so proud... you remembered 10 on 10!!! getting ready to post mine :)

  3. Love your photos.... and I enjoyed looking at the rest of your blog too! You have a gorgeous family!!!

  4. Awesome pictures...your kids are adorable!
    Love the orange...it's my favorite color!

  5. Love that orange, makes for a fun space to play :) Great set!

  6. Must.eat.a.cinammon.roll.NOW :)
    Your kids are so cute!
    That color is really fun, perfect for a playroom!

  7. I love how your little guy has his heels lifted up in the Home Depot pick, adorable! And orange is a pretty fab color!

  8. ok, your babies in bed are just too cute - great set!

  9. Great photos! So jealous that you're outside eating lunch! Wish I could do that here in PA!

  10. Our playroom is a bright green & we love it...go for the bright color, the kids will enjoymitmim sure! Cute family!



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