Monday, August 23, 2010

Top Bunk

We just returned from a lovely vacation at a beach house in Northern California. In dreamlike beach house fashion, the furniture was overstuffed and comfy, there was a large picture window with a spectacular unobstructed view, and downstairs there were bunk beds! That might sound silly, but it was a dream for my little girls! For fear that one might fall out in the middle of the night, they both shared the bottom bunk which was a double bed. Somehow I ended up on the top bunk for the majority of the week and the result was amazing. My daughters slept so soundly and didn’t get up at all through the night. There was such a comfort in knowing that mom was just above them and they were safe. I recall as a child, the times I felt most safe were when we were on vacation and all four of us were together in a hotel room. With mom and dad right next to me, I knew I was safe and I could sleep so peacefully. I love that my God promises to be with me always, to uphold me with His right hand, and to never leave me nor forsake me. There is such a comfort and peace in knowing that I don’t journey through life alone and I can rest assured that someone is on the top bunk, watching over me and keeping me safe.

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