Thursday, August 12, 2010


This word takes my mind in a couple of directions – discipline, as in the strength to do something I need to do rather than do what I want to do! Or, discipline, the act of correcting and instructing, usually following inappropriate behavior. These days the later is on my mind most of the time. My daughters need discipline more and more and I find their different responses to discipline rather interesting. One fights me and gets very angry when she is going to be disciplined. She is not broken nor sorry for her actions at all – she is stubborn! The other is still quite upset, but she almost willingly yields to the discipline and will always run to hug me through her tears. Unfortunately, I am much more like the first daughter! It takes me longer to yield to the hand of discipline and truly grasp that it is for my good, and that healthy discipline is done out of love. As a parent, I find the task to disciplining my children out of sheer love for them and a desire to protect them from evil behavior to be rather difficult. I confess that I’m usually disgusted by what they’ve done and rather angry. How does God do it? I’m amazed that He doesn’t pour out His wrath on me more and “let me have it!” He is gentle and kind. His heart breaks when He sees me disobey. He steps in with a controlled strength and loves me desperately as He rescues me from myself. God disciplines the ones that He loves. If we love our children, we must discipline them.

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