Friday, August 27, 2010

Good Helper

At the beach house I bought the girls their first kite. I’ve been waiting for this moment and doing it with my brother seemed perfect because he’s always loved to fly kites! The girls were anxious to launch the kite and were thrilled as it lifted off and sailed high. When it first crashed, my daughter ran to pick it up and throw it into the air. My brother, however, discovered that if he just tugged the string, the kite would lift off on its own and fly again. My daughter wasn’t too happy about that (but my brother and I thought it was great that we didn’t need to move and could stay comfy on the sand!). As I saw her disappointment, I realized that she really wanted to help. It wasn’t about doing what was easiest; it was about her having a role in flying the kite. We let her run back and forth every time it crashed and gave her the joy of launching the kite and feeling important as she helped it fly. How many times do I simply do what is quickest and easiest? Eliminating what at the time seems like a nuisance of little people wanting to interfere? All the while there are little hands eager to help and longing to be a part of what I’m doing. Life isn’t all about getting things done in the most perfect or efficient manner. It’s about sharing life, passing on wisdom, teaching simple tasks and learning new things together. Whether it’s making sandwiches, setting the table, or flying kites, I’m better off to take the extra time to include my children and let them help because if I continue to cut them out of the process, one day, when I really need their help, they won’t be equipped or willing.

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