Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mama Bear

 Last Summer I received a card in the mail and the writing on the envelope made my heart race.

My name was written so beautifully I had to look closely to see if it were handwritten or printed by a computer!
When I opened the envelope, the card inside had similar writing, telling me my card was handwritten!
A lovely surprise.
"Mama Bear"

I could hardly wait to open the card and discover who it was from!
And as I read the words, written as a lovely font, tears came to my eyes.
A girls who was a college student when I was a college pastor about 15 years ago had written me this beautiful card!  And immediately the memories flooded back as I would not mistake her writing anywhere.  I always joked that she was a "font," because her printing was unreal.
Now her font-like writing was laying before me like a piece of art and the arrangement of the beautiful lettering read like a poem.
"The Mama Bear Collection is all about encouraging mothers to remember who they are - 
strong, fierce, and enough."
She went on to thank me and encourage me as a Mama Bear.
I really was left speechless.

Today, there is more information swirling around for moms than should be allowed.
It causes us to worry and panic about every tiny decision we make for our children.
It also has had an even more damaging effect as it causes us to judge, give unsolicited advise and shame other moms who aren't doing it like we are.
It's really sad to see.
It's sad to experience.
It's sad to do.

Alisha launched her stationary business last year, Gold Press Paper.
Her motto is, "Words are Powerful - You are Powerful"
So true!
Our words are very powerful.
Words have the power to give life or bring death.
All too often as moms we use our words as weapons.
How amazing would it be if we blessed one another as Mama Bears?
If we fought FOR each other and encouraged each other with our words?
If we affirmed one another's decisions and differences instead of shaming?
We'd be a mighty ferocious pack!
Bless another Mama Bear today with mighty words of encouragement!

***head over to Alisha's site to find some amazing cards to send to someone today!

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