Monday, February 1, 2016

Excuses Excuses

Lately I've had some ideas and dreams that I'd like to make happen.
I dream and jot down thoughts and get really excited.
Only to loose steam a few days later when the reality of
"I have no idea how to make that happen" darkens all hope.
I wouldn't know where to start
I wouldn't know who to ask
I'll just go back to doing the dishes and laundry!

There is so much practical knowledge that I'd need to make some of my dreams come true.  Practical knowledge that I don't have and don't know where to get it!
Everyone seems to want to throw out advise and suggestions, at which I politely nod and smile.
All the while I'm thinking,
"It sounds like you're speaking German to me because I haven't a clue what you're saying."
You know, the suggestions that others think are so obvious and simple, 
but to me it's a foreign language.
So I let the ideas fade away with my legitimate excuse of "I just wouldn't even know where to begin."

Well, I read a great word from Rick Warren the other day that totally smacked me in the face!  He was talking about Noah building the ark.

"There were problems that could have caused Noah to doubt.  First, Noah had never seen rain, because prior to the Flood, God irrigated the earth from the ground up. Second, Noah lived hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean.  Even if he could learn to build a ship, how would he get it to water?  Third, there was the problem of rounding up all the animals and then caring for them.
 But Noah didn't complain or make excuses.  
He trusted God completely, and that made God smile."

First of all can I just say that my seminary educated self didn't know that 
prior to the Flood there was no rain!  
What the what?
But seriously, there were so many legitimate excuses Noah could have thrown down because truly he had no idea where to begin with what God told him to do.  It was all like a foreign language.
Rain?  What's that?
Giant ship?  Never seen one.
It's supposed to float?  But where's the water?
Herd and care for all the animals ever created?  Not qualified.

But he didn't make excuses.
He trusted God to provide the plan and He did.

Thanks Noah.
I needed to be challenged to stop making excuses of all that I don't know, 
and just trust God to give directions to make these dreams of mine come true!
I heart Noah.

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