Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Macky Bear 7

From the moment you were born little baby boy, I knew something was different.
You stole my heart like non other and I just couldn't keep my lips off your cheeks!

 You are such a special boy Mack.
You're heart is tender and sensitive.
You have a deep desire for everyone to know Jesus and you pray earnestly for your friends.
You are kind and compassionate.

 "I want to make my own Valentine's for my class Mommy.  
And I'm going to make Natalia's the most special because she has cancer."

You have a deep understanding of God and His grace and mercy.
You are quick to say you're sorry and quick to forgive.

As I sat at the computer one evening, long after you were asleep, 
I heard someone come in behind me.  You were crying.
"What's the matter buddy?"
"Mommy, remember when Georgia was at swim practice last year and you brought me goldfish for a snack?  You asked me if you could have some and I didn't share.
I'm so sorry Mommy."
As you lay in bed at night, you contemplate your days and the regrets that are brought to mind hit your little heart and you go to make things right.

Macky, you have a sensitive heart that desires purity and God will use you in mighty ways.

You make me laugh all the time.
You are so quick witted and funny!
Your confidence is a gift that allows you the freedom to be who God has made you to be.

Your sissys love you soooo much, sometimes perhaps a little too much!
But the day is quickly approaching when you will tower over them and take great care of them!
"Macky, do you want an ice cream sandwich?"
"YES!  But let's wait until sissys get home so they can have one too."
You are selfless and have always wanted to include your sisters in all the joys of life.

You're 7 today!
A new year is before you.
I pray that God protects your tender heart and continues to draw you closer to Himself.
I pray that your compassion for others deepens as you grow up in a world that desperately needs to know God's love.
I pray that your sense of humor brightens up the days of all you come in contact with.
I pray that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are loved and that 
God has great plans for you.

Happy Birthday Mack!

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  1. Happy Birthday sweet boy! So many great pictures, but that picture of him and the girls when he's in the green stripes is precious!!!!!



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