Wednesday, March 9, 2016

No Substitute for the Truth

2 little weeks ago I posted about missing the window to prune my roses, but cutting them back anyway.  Statistics tell us that as parents we have small windows to teach our children certain things, expose them to various experiences and flavors and encourage desired behaviors, and if we miss those windows... well, who knows what will happen to our kids!!
And if we don't prune our roses in the right season, we're doomed!

But just as I know that it's never too late for change, growth and transformation in God's economy, I decided to hack down my roses anyway and to discipline my children with the hopes that God is not bound by a certain window of time and nothing is impossible with Him!

Well, just 2 weeks later, here is that same rose bush!

Only 2 weeks later and there is visible, healthy growth!
As I was looking at this rose bush today, aside from being thrilled that I didn't listen to the gardeners guide to healthy roses!, I was struck with another bit of truth.
We've been suffering from a much publicized drought here in California for quite some time.
We ration our water and only water our gardens on Mondays and Thursdays or else we get fined heavily!  Our plants are limping along just fine, but this past weekend we got some solid rain! And I kid you not, the growth after the rain is undeniable.  Almost the very next day we could see new shoots and buds spring forth on our plants and bushes!  It's unreal.
We never see that obvious growth from the sprinklers or the hose.
But the rain, pure, falling from heaven rain, nourishes like none other and spurs new growth immediately.  There is no substitute for the rain.
Made me think of Truth.
Word of God Truth.
Nothing yields more growth and abundance in our lives than the Truth of God.
So many other substitutes can help us limp along, scrape by and "make it."
But there is no substitute for the absolute Word of God that is pure Truth, falling from heaven, to heal our wounds, bring light into darkness, cleanse our mistakes, remove our scars, and
spring forth new life in dead, hopeless areas.  
It's just unmistakable.
Where do you need new growth in your life?
Are you looking to other things to nourish you and bring about change?
I encourage you to simply read the Bible, surrender to God's Truth and allow His Word to transform you in the healthiest, longest lasting way.


  1. I love this. So true about the rain, and so true about the Truth. There is nothing like it.

  2. I love this. So true about the rain, and so true about the Truth. There is nothing like it.



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